A brief instruction on authenticating with our API
Written by Rick van Biljouw
Updated 2 years ago

Generate an API key (if you don't have one)

In order to start using our API you need a valid API key. You can create this key through the API Keys section of the dashboard.

Send your API key with every request

Our API endpoints expect to receive your key in the Authorization header of every request you make. The contents of the header should be as follows:

Authorization: Bearer <apiKey>

What happens if my key isn't valid?

If you hit any of our endpoints with an invalid API key expect to receive a 403 Forbidden response. This can happen if the key is plain wrong (it doesn't exist, or you made a typo), or if the key is disabled in the API Keys section of the dashboard. Please make sure to check both, and if you're still not getting anywhere ping us a message.

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