Changing how numbers are reported

Written by Rick van Biljouw
Updated 2 years ago

We understand that you might not want to publish your absolute occupancy numbers publicly. For that reason, our system supports 4 different methods of displaying your occupancy.

You can edit how your occupancy is displayed on zone-by-zone basis through the zone settings. You can find all the different options under a field labelled "How wouild you like us to display busyness levels on the website?".

We will now explain and demonstrate what the different methods of reporting are and what they look like.

Display exact numbers

Displaying exact numbers does what it says very literally. The occupancy numbers that we calculate internally are displayed as-is on the website if you're using this option.

Displaying percentages

When using this option, we will display your current occupancy as a percetange of the red limit set for your zone. Not sure what the red limit is? We encourage you to read this article: Changing the traffic light settings

Displaying brackets

The brackets option displays an occupancy "range" rather than an absolute number. The ranges are determined by your amber and red limits configured for your zone. Read this article to learn more about these limits: Changing the traffic light settings

Displaying traffic light

The traffic light option gives the least amount of information about your occupancy away. It will simply display a green colour when it's considered safe to attend, amber when it's getting a bit busy (based on your amber limit) and red when it's so busy that you can't accept any new customers.

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